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Leadership Development in
Public Education Systems
What We Do?
In oneself lies the whole world and if you know how to look and learn, the door is there and the key is in your hand. Nobody on earth can give you either the key or the door to open, except yourself.

- Educationist & philosopher, Jiddu Krishnamurti

Cluster Leadership Development Program, DOE
Creatnet Education has been able to create an equal space of co-learning through CLDP. The experience of leadership in our programs is inside-out instead of top down. We conduct CLDP is run for for all government schools of Delhi Directorate of Education i.e.the department under the education ministry of Delhi Government that manages the city’s public school system.
CLDP in collaboration with SCERT (State Council of Educational Research and Training, Delhi) enables the development of the leadership competencies of the Principal/ Heads of Schools and development of facilitators within the system. Each of these facilitators (100+) facilitate a group of 10 DOE HOS in turn taking the program to 1000+ principals of Delhi. This is a unique phenomenun of leadership from within and how learning and leadership is distrbuted.- leadership
Our Role In Delhi State Curriculum Committee
Learning contexts shift with time; CE enables adaptation.
As part of Delhi State Curriculum Committee’s initiative to focus on Principal Leadership, we are contributing in supporting school leaders to adapt to changes in the new curriculum. Our subcommittee is leading the creation of a ‘leadership workbook’. As well as facilitating workshops that explore the mind, its processes in adapting to and being resilient in the face of change.
We are working with 580+ schools of SDMC to enable Principal Leadership Development. We are at the dawn of a multi-year program in which principals will come together for peer learning, school development and growth. Post 3 months of intensive facilitator development, selected facilitators will enable this leadership journey for their peers. This program is supported by SCERT and will be our first time working with government primary schools at this scale.
How Do We Do It?
Our programs have been led by a movement of educators from within the system who volunteer to facilitate their peer principals in addition to their full time role as a Leader in the school.
A leap from 100 to 1000+ schools in half a decade.
In 2020-2021, we conducted six monthly sessions for 94 selected facilitators. They guided the learning journeys of over a thousand fellow participants (Principals & HoS). The transformation of a single principal, enables the transformation of 400 teachers in their schools who can then impact 1600 children in the school. The potential of this domino effect is remarkable.
What is the Impact?
We commissioned an education research group, to conduct a study on the impact of CLDP. The program recognises all the people who have been instrumental in shaping and growing the program. They have contributed to the program for 2 academic years (or a minimum of 10 sessions), based on data compiled from SCERT circulars. Impact Evaluation Research Study on CLDP by CORD was released on 3rd September, 2021. In esteemed presence of –
Deputy CM & Minister Education Manish Sisodia ji
Pr. Secretary H. Rajesh Prasad ji
Director Education Udit Prakash Rai ji
Director SCERT Rajanish Kumar Singh ji
According to the Cord report(2021) the top five contributions of the program were:
1. Connecting various stakeholder & enabling their working together
2. Improving leadership & self awareness of the participants
3.Enabling better understanding of Government Programs
4. Providing insights on learning & pedagogy.
5. Improving the Functioning of schools.
CLDP has proven the idea that schools are a platform of Learning
Not just for the students but all stakeholders of Education.
Hum Sub Seekhne Waaley Hai!”
At an event where the CORD report was launched, the participants of CLDP echoed a remarkable motto: “Hum Sub Seekhne Waaley Hai! (We are all learners!)” They shared their experience of the program…..


“CLDP has provided a network for ideation and inspiration through various principals coming together to share their challenges and innovate on solutions. The frameworks and perceptions we are exposed to enable an expansion of possibilities we see. ” “Through the program we have experienced a connection that is based on equality, empathy and interconnectedness. We are not formal, but co-learners working together for a larger vision”


“I have moved from reaction to response. From complaining about the system not working, I now ask ‘what can I do to make it work?’
“My journey in CLDP has led to great self empowerment. Moreover, this shift in myself is clearly influencing a shift in my school, where I am able to create a culture of learning, listening and productivity.”


“While educational circulars feel like allopathy addressing the symptoms of a problem, CLDP has been like holistic medicine that cures the disease!”
Humans of Creatnet Education
A Phenomenon of Distributed leadership

Become a Part of the Learning Movement

Become a Part of the Learning Movement