Young Leaders Program Grand event – 12th Sept 2021
Young Leaders Program Grand event – 12th Sept 2021
Education that seeds an evolution in consciousness
Let’s celebrate! Expanding Landscape of Learning Communities
On 12th Sept 2021, an event was organized online to celebrate the landscape of expanding learning communities. It witnessed the confluence of facilitator developers, youth and teacher facilitators, and our NGO partners. It started with a powerful performance by energetic youth from the Mantash band from the NGO Manzil. Our flagship program for the youth- “Young Leaders Program” completed its first phase and entered into Phase 2. The purpose of this program is to enable the students to become conscious, creative, and lifelong learners so that they can innovate, adapt to the challenges, and become leaders of tomorrow. Though this program commenced in 2017 and has impacted 250+ students, this year it got another feather with the partnership of YALE Alumni Service Corps who came forward to volunteer for this program. The training for facilitator developers from the India-US cohort commenced in early March this year post which the YLP program was conducted for college students from different institutes like NIFT and NGOs. These NGOs included Manzil, DBM, Diksha Foundation, Learning by Locals, Pravah, Youth Alliance to name a few. The idea was to create a ripple effect thereby creating self-driven learning communities.
Grows consciousness with development of ‘whole’ self
Expands collective consciousness fostering Oneness
YLP journey so far

Hence, out of 50 youth, 36 were selected to undergo a Facilitator training for 5 weeks starting in September post which they shall be facilitating the “Teen Leaders Program” (TeLP) for the school students from grade 9th upwards. We have received applications from teenagers through our new partners like Teach for India, SEWA International, Center for Social Equity and Inclusion, Khel Khel Mein, and others. TeLP will start end of October and end in February 2022.

Darshan Bhat, the founder of Creatnet Education stressed the importance of taking responsibility for one’s learning and practice Action, Reflection, and Silence .
“At best, we are providing opportunities and a space where you can learn, explore your leadership and self-awareness. But ultimately, it is your responsibility to create visions that give you hope, and translate them into plans to solve the challenges as they arise. We are at an unprecedented time in history- we have all the information yet separate from each other – our minds are distracted. It is your responsibility to take charge of your minds and hearts and see the interconnectedness. It is these learning communities that will find solutions to the most pressing problems. All of you can shape the future of education that is connected with living life in a more integrated way. It’s a Sangha- a global community, that’s the vision of this endeavour.”

During the event, Malavika Prasad shared about how one session ascends to the other in the entire YLP using the four pillars of education laid by UNESCO- Learning to Be, to Learn, to Work, and Live together. Amrish Shyam and Suma shared about their journeys while facilitating the youth. In the words of Mr. Shyam, “What united all of us was the frustration caused by the inability of the current education system to adequately provide learnings that will enable today’s youth to become responsible leaders who will show a ray of hope for the future.”

The event witnessed the representation of people from our partner organizations sharing about their work especially in the field of education. Under the other verticals, we also run a Teacher Leaders Program about which was shared by Mohita Jaiswal who leads this program along with Ravi Gulati, founder of Manzil- a not-for-profit organization where students choose what they want to learn. The students are teachers and vice versa.

In the words of Ravi Gulati, “For the children to be learning, all of us have to be learning. We can’t put it aside by saying that it’s the school’s job. All the stakeholders including parents, teachers, principals, have to see themselves as learners. It’s time we realize that we are one global family and have to solve global challenges. We’ve got to give learning a central place. The youngest is 8 years old and the oldest is 86 years old- my mother. For learning, one has to do a lot of unlearning as well. When we are seeking purpose in life, we also have to know ourselves. A lot of us grow up and don’t really get the opportunity to know ourselves. What’s great about this network about Creatnet is that one gets to experience this learning.”

Jasmeet Walia, CEO of Creatnet Education shared about the Principal Leadership Program which has been running since 2012 with the principals of the Delhi government. In her words, “The work that we do is to make our public education system really worthy of our children. We want the system to work with the potential of the children, appreciate and value each of them. But that’s only going to happen when each of the persons in the education system is also learning. I aspire to be a part of the education system is India where all the children get the possibility of the space to learn.”

The event also witnessed the sharing of work by representatives of our old and new partner organizations. Though the event was reaching its completion, it felt like a new beginning. The confluence of this learning community delved into the depths of silence assimilating all the learnings of the day with the melodious flute played by Vishan Lal, a retired bureaucrat and a part of the group “Baansuriwaale”.

May we all learn and grow together expanding the landscape day by day and create ripples of change!

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Become a Part of the Learning Movement