Leadership Development in Public Education Systems

School Leadership plays a pivotal role in creating the right experiences and guiding all connected with the school eco system on the path of learning. Recent research clearly indicates that after classroom instruction, school leadership is the second most important factor which impacts student achievement (Louis, Leithwood, Wahlstrom & Anderson, 2010). School leadership impacts the entire culture of the school, both the explicit and the hidden. They lead and manage multiple and complex responsibilities. They are expected to improve the quality of teaching and learning in their schools in an environment in which change is constant. Today school leaders must confront the worldwide context as well as face up to their own professional situation — becoming more and more reflective about their own strengths and weaknesses as leaders. The leadership program for principals has been focused on developing leadership from within public education systems to transform schools into learning organizations with the capabilities of leading institutions towards quality education.

3rd Party Impact Research at DoE, Delhi (2019- CORD)

Leadership Development in Communities

If you want to go fast, go alone, If you want to go far, go together – African proverb

Self driven learners take responsibility for their own learning continuously. Self driven learning communities happen when self-driven learners take responsibility for the sustained and lifelong learning of the collective. Our work with communities(youth and educators) lives this idea in practice, where self-driven volunteer facilitators take agency of their own learning and give back by enabling this learning for their group.

A sustained learning community creates value through
a). collective sharing and learning from different experiences
b). enables accountability to ensure sustained effort
c). Inspires new and continuous learning, enables feedback loops
d). Provides a safe space to grow, solve problems together

The power of sustained learning communities stands to revolutionize the future of learning.

Teacher Leader Program

The Teacher Leader Program was initiated with a vision to build a community of awakened educators and learners. The program focuses on the development of teachers as self aware individuals who are learning, practice the principles of action, reflection and silence, and can enable the practice of learning for students. The work with the facilitators focuses on developing communities of educators who shape the future of teaching and the experience of the learning.

Youth Leadership Program

Youth leader program was started to really look at addressing the urgent need of youth, who were confused, unsure and questioning the value they were deriving from the education they were having or had just acquired.

The Program aims at building leadership through conscious, continuous learning in young adults through a process of facilitation in a group learning format. Through this journey of sessions over 6 months, the youth connect with themselves and with other self-aware and driven individuals like them and explore the depths of leadership. They take responsibility for themselves and their surroundings while committing to deepening their understanding of themselves and strengthening their own practice.