Leadership Development in Public Education Systems

Our work in Principal Leadership Development with SCERT & Department of Education, Delhi
The Cluster Leadership Development Program (CLDP) is focused on building self-awareness and leadership competencies of the 1000+ Delhi government school principals along with a safe space for problem solving, learning from peers and integrating all major government initiatives.

  • Principals are grouped into district-wise clusters consisting of 10-12 participants with a facilitator.
  • The program is implemented through day-long sessions that are conducted once every month. It has evolved from being a ‘program’ to being a continuous process for growth for Principals.
  • The venue for the sessions rotate within schools of the cluster to enable school visits, observations and constructive feedback by peer principals
  • CLDP session is conducted by a facilitator, who is in turn developed by a Facilitator Developer, through day long sessions every month and a summer intensive.
  • The facilitators are usually existing Principals, retired Principals, administrators in DoE, or educationists with experience of government schools
  • Over the course of the last few years, about 85 facilitators have been developed within the system, with more being added every year, thus making the program independent of third parties for sustainability as well as developing capacity of people that can be used across system needs.
Our work in Principal & Teacher Leadership Development with EQIP, Sikkim & government schools, Sikkim
Creatnet Education collaborated with EQUIP Sikkim to work with SCERT for the leadership development of Sikkim government school principals and Teacher Facilitators in 2016-18.
In 2016 CE conducted a 5 day intensive Leadership Program for Principals, SCERT faculty and teachers. In 2017, CE piloted Leadership Trainings for Principals and Teachers of 8 Government Schools of Sikkim (Phase 1). In 2017-18 both the Principal and Teacher Leadership programs were scaled to 108 schools (Phase 2).

Our work in Principal & Teacher Leadership Development with North DMC, Delhi
Under the guidance of the earlier Deputy Commissioner of City Zone, North DMC, Creatnet Education carried out a pilot leadership development program for 12 Principals and 12 teachers for 1 year during 2016-17.