Impact Evaluation of CLDP

Conduted by CORD

Executive Summary

Creatnet Education runs a leadership program for the Principals of schools that are run by the Department of Education, Delhi Administration. The program – Cluster Leadership Development Program (CLDP) – is about developing “leadership from within” through a cluster of 10-12 Principals getting together on a
regular basis.

This study is an evaluation of the CLDP initiative to see what impact it has had on “the Principals’ own learning and growth and what they have been able to implement in school; how useful the group learning process has been and whether the Principals have been able to connect with each other. and support each other”. The study was conducted by Collaborative Research and Dissemination (CORD), a Delhi-based research organisation, in April-May 2019.

For the study a sample of 80 schools was selected from the universe of the 800 schools where the CLDP intervention has been implemented in a phased way between 2012 and 2016-17. The size of the sample (10%) was decided using a sample size calculator allowing for predictions with a 95% confidence level.
The impact of the CLDP program has been studied through the perceptions of the Principals themselves -what impact do they attribute to this initiative. While the interviews with the Principals are the cornerstone of the study, they are supplemented by insights from observations of the Principals, and observations of the functioning of the schools. Interviews with teachers and classroom observations were also conducted in a sub-‐sample of 30 schools.